WFAN’s Mike Francesa Goes Ballistic On Caller Over “Deflate Gate”

A day after Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was suspended four games for his involvement in Deflate Gate, the Brady supporters were calling on WFAN’s Mike Francesa to prove their point that Brady was innocent.

But eventually, a caller Steve ticked off Francesa so bad, he lost it. The iconic WFAN host lost his patience and completely went off on the caller from Maine, who claimed Brady and the equipment guys were “totally, totally innocent.”

“Stop before you embarrass yourself!” Francesa shouted at a caller. “Stop! Stop now! .. What you know is that you’re a fan who’s a fool!”

For those who think New York radio host is being biased, Francesa also goes off a caller who says Brady should be suspended longer and used Pete Rose as an example.

Later on in the show, another caller, “Brian from Washington DC” called and blamed the media because they don’t like the racist make up of the Patriots offense.


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