YouTuber Rips The Pittsburgh Steelers For Overlooking Jaguars In A Hilariously Epic Rant

Credit: Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers deserve all the dirt that his being thrown no them right now.

After spending the entire week discussing everything but their Divisional Round opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Steelers found themselves stunned in a 45-42 loss to the Jags in Heinz Field.

YouTuber UrinatingTree , who is known for creating epic rant videos about different sport teams, went off on the Pittsburgh Steelers, ripping them for their defeat on Sunday.

The Youtube’r went after Mike Tomlin’s questionable play calling, Mike Mitchell’s trash talk and even took a jab at the Pittsburgh media in this hilarious ‘NSFW’ rant:

Sorry, Pittsburgh… but no one has remorse for you right now.