‘Deadliest Catch’ Fishermen ( Seahawks Fans) React to Super Bowl Interception At Sea

While out on the job during Super Bowl XLIX, these pro-Seattle Seahawks Deadliest Catch fishermen made sure to stay updated on the game.
Like everyone else, they were absolutely stunned when the Seahawks decided to throw the football at the goal line in the final minute instead of feeding running back Marshawn Lynch.
Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson’s throw resulted in a game-sealing, and championship-sealing, interception by the New England Patriots’ Malcolm Butler. As a result, the play call has been heavily criticized throughout the offseason.
Most Seahawks fans were at least able to watch the play and perhaps get a better grasp on the play call. Imagine being on a boat and all you are told is your favorite team lost the Super Bowl because it threw the ball at the goal line instead of handing it off to one of the best running backs in the game. It’d be pretty rough, right?
Thanks to Discovery Channel, we are able to witness how these Deadliest Catch fishermen reacted to a heartbreaking loss—while out at sea.

[Bleacher Report]


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