Ricardo Lockett Gets Knocked Immediately Unconscious By Huge, Scary Hit

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Ricardo Lockett has been the hot topic of the Seahawks this season. But when it comes to the hot topic of this NFL season, that may be injuries. Just this Week 8, we’ve seen Le’Veon Bell tear ligaments in his knee, Cameron Wake and Steve Smith tear his ACL, countless more and Brandon Marshall go down with an apparent injury at the same exact time as Lockett went down out in Oakland where the Jets are playing.

None as scary as this moment though, when during a punt coverage play, Lockett was blandished by a clean hit from a Cowboys’ special teamer and immediately dropped to the ground lifeless, clearly unconscious.



Lockett laid motionless on the AT&T Stadium field turf for minutes before having his face mask removed and strapped down to a stretcher. 


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Thankfully Lockett did acknowledge the crowd while being carted off, appearing to place a L with his hand in the air, a very good sign. Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.16.21 PM