Thomas Davis Has Both Arms Amputated, Expected To Start In Super Bowl


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Carolina Panthers’ linebacker Thomas Davis is not only arguably the best linebacker in the NFL right now, he’s one tough son of a gun.

During the second quarter of the NFC Championship vs Arizona, David suffered a broken arm when trying to make a tackle. David of course left the game and had surgery to repair the bone the next day, with doctors installing a plate and 11 to 12 screws.

Later that week, it was reported that Davis’ wounds had been infected, to which spread to his upper arm surrounding the humorous. Davis visited arm specialist Dr. Michael Zimmerman in Charlotte to be evaluated, to which he was told his arm would have to be amputated to stop the rapidly spreading infection. Davis then told doctors to amputate his other arm to make it even.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera told reporters during the final day of required media availability Thursday that he expects Davis to not only play, but start in Super Bowl 50 vs the Denver Broncos.

Davis was asked about how he would be able to catch a Peyton Manning interception if the opportunity was granted to which he joking said, “That old man’s passes flutter so much I’m not sure I would be able to catch those things anyway. ” No word yet on if Roger Goodell will be fining David for leading with the crown of his helmet doing, well…everything.