James Harrison Sends Hilariously Accurate Tweet After Super Bowl

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James Harrison went from one of the most hated players in the league, to one of the most liked, simply because his hatred fro Roger Goodell.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has fined Harrison for his in-game antics which aren’t actually antics at all countless times over his career, so much so it’s  even become a meme.

Peyton Manning made headlines following Super Bowl 50 for self-promoting Budweiser, stating it clearly twice during post-game interviews, casted on live TV and inside the stadium, later denying allegations he was paid for the promotion. The NFL does in fact have a rule stating no players can endorse alcohol, even though the nazi that the NFL is can.


Harrison sent out this more than accurate tweet after Manning’s interviews.57c2f04cec4ad6b1f548939845da3e42558d5df9c651f9abe99d079f2da61631_large

We agree James, we agree.

Harrison later deleted the tweet, probably fearing another league fine.