Let’s Compare How Russell Wilson & Cam Newton Handled Losing In The Super Bowl

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The talk of Super Bowl 50 hasn’t been Peyton Manning going out on top in the last game of his career, nor has it been the defensive grinder which the game was, but rather about Panthers QB Cam Newton simply getting up and walking out of his post game press conference after just three short 3 minutes.

Unprofessional, classless, immature – all words used by Cam critics who either was given ammo to after the incident or people who were on the dance about Cam and swung them to the dark side.

Many have been wondering how do you really act after the worst game of you entire career, arguably the worst day of your life, just minute after the clock hits zeros and the confetti falling is colored in that of the other team.


For those that may remember, just about a year ago, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson suffered arguably the most excruciating loss in Super Bowl history, throwing an interception at the 1-yard line, a play that will be criticized for the remainder of time. Now granted Wilson does have a Super Bowl ring but that doesn’t diminish the situation. Here’s Wilson’s interview, calm, cool and collected, giving credit to the opposition and taking time to explain to reporters his thoughts and what went wrong.

And here is Cam’s, which most have seen, sulking in sadness and avoiding questions, eventually leaving. By no means can one who isn’t in the situation judge how a grown man is feeling in that situation that only 50 people have ever been in, but the difference is clear.

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