Josh Norman “Confident” He’ll Finish With 100 INTs This Season Facing Romo, Eli, & Bradford Twice A Year


LOUDOUN COUNTY, VI – Josh Norman didn’t spend much time contemplating the decision on what team he’d be joining after his former team, the Carolina Panthers rescinded the franchise tag, making the NFL’s top cornerback a unrestricted free-agent.

After receiving heavy interest from numerous teams, the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers emerged as front-runners, with Dan Synder sending his private jet to finish the deal.

Many wonder how Norman will fit into a new system, with many thinking that he was a product of the Panthers defense, instead of the Panthers defense being a product of him.


Although he’ll be joining a new system in Washington, Norman is facing some of the most inconsistent quarterbacks and interception throwers in the NFL, who all love targeting their #1 receiver, the on who Norman will now be covering.

“I think I can grab 100 interceptions this season,” the cornerback told Thisis Satire of the Washington Post. “I’ll break the NFL record by the second week we start getting into divisional games. I may have to look down and check that I don’t have the other team’s jersey on a few times, but it should be fun.”

Eli Manning and  Sam Bradford both chucked 14 balls to the other team last year, with Tony Romo completing 7 passes to the other team in just 4 games, 2 more interceptions than he threw touchdowns.

(Via: NotSportsCenter)