Will Smith’s Widowed Wife Accepts Diploma On His Behalf In Wheelchair


CORAL GABLES, FL- Even with Will Smith now gone, his legacy lives on.

After being gunned down during a traffic feud, his wife, who was also shot during the altercation accepted the degree he would have accepted this weekend at the University of Miami’s commencement ceremony.

The 34-year-old had been enrolled in the first year of a masters program for artists and athletes at the University during the time of his death, just a few months away from graduation. The program included numerous other NFL athletes.


The ceremony marked Racquel Smith’s first public appearances since her husband’s death.

The widow still remains in a wheelchair after her both of her legs were struck by bullets. “She was extremely proud of Will,” Smith’s publicist, Lauren Renschler, told the Associated Press.

The suspected shooter, Cardell Hayes, has been indicted on charges of the second-degree murder of Will Smith and the attempted second-degree murder of Racquel Smith. He has pleaded not guilty.