Laremy Tunsil Gets Into Fight On Second Day Of Dolphins Training Camp


DAVIE, FL – Laremy Tunsil’s world fell from under him during the NFL draft in April when a video surfaced of him smoking out of a gas mask bong as soon as the draft began. While news arose that Tunsil was hacked, Tunsil meanwhile, was falling down the board, being passed by team after team who was concerned with the now present character issues possibilities.

The Ole Miss product fell all the way to pick #10, where the Miami Dolphins swooped up a player projected to go long before they even had a selection.

As if things couldn’t get any worse for Tunsil, screenshots of texts messages were leaked, once again from Tunsil’s hacked social media accounts, of conversations between the offensive lineman and an Ole Miss coach about improper NCAA violations.


As expected, questions about conduct swirled around Tunsil, who the Dolphin’s felt confident was all in the past.

Some remanence of the behavior issues haven’t seems to fade just yet, as Monday morning, Tunsil was involved in a fight during during drills on just the second day of Miami Dolphins training camp.

Tunsil and Dolphins DE Chris McCain had to be separated by player and coaching staff after exchaging blows.