Aqib Talib Facing 8-Game Suspension For Shooting Himself, Photos From Night Released

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Denver Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib pulled a Plaxico Burress earlier this offseason, and may now be paying the price – as if shooting yourself in the leg wasn’t punishment enough.

Back in June, the Broncos star and Super Bowl champion allegedly shot himself inside a Dallas’ V Live strip club.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported during an interview with 104.3 The Fan that Talib could be facing a suspension from the league that will be anywhere from a one game to a more likely eight-game suspension.

TMZ Sports obtained photos from night that shows the aftermath inside and outside the nightclub with blood and broken windows everywhere.

According to police, two other men where shot inside the club that night, with victims claiming the shooter was a “black male in a white shirt [who] pulled out a handgun and began to fire into the crowd.”

The two men (not Talib) were photographed in the hospital by law enforcement that night to document their injuries.


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So far, no arrests have been made and Talib is not yet facing any legal action. Burress spent 23 months in prison following his incident.