Salty: Tom Brady Removed The NFL Logo On His Helmet For Preseason Games

Colin Kaepernick apparently wasn’t the only NFL quarterback protesting something during this week’s slate of Preseason Week 4 games.

In each of the final two preseason games of 2016, New England Patriots QB Tom Brady removed the NFL shield sticker that is required by the league to be worn on the back left of each and every player’s helmet.


Leading up to Thursday night’s 49ers game in San Diego, there was chatter if Colin Kaepernick would removed the league-required American flag sticker that sits on the back right of all NFL players’ helmets. The QB went on record saying he would not show pride in such, but decided to adhere to the league’s stick uniform policy and leave the sticker on.

The league has no yet commented on this matter, #NFLLogoHelemtStickerGate, but we’re predicting that if Roger Goodall and the league office catch wind of this Brady will be suspended the remaining 12 games of the 2016 season…

“The removal of the sticker decreased the weight of Brady’s helmet, allowing an unfair advantage and it’s more ‘probable than not’ that Tom peeled it off himself instead of it falling off.”