Looters From Charlotte Riots Return Their Stolen Carolina Panthers Jerseys: “We Changed Our Mind”


CHARLOTTE, NC – Just a day after the Carolina Panthers pounded their way to yet another loss, team stores at Bank of America Stadium and around uptown Charlotte began noticing a large number of returns on team jerseys.

Oddly enough, besides the obvious number of items making their way back into the store with security tags still attached, a majority of the jerseys being returned came up in the system as ‘stolen’. With store managers confused, they cross referenced the dates of the skews being marked stolen, and it aligned with the date of the infamous Charlotte riots which overtook¬†the city months ago.

During those riots, numerous stores around the city were broken into and looted clean, with rebel civilians making off with hundreds of dollars of Charlotte Hornets and Carolina Panthers merchandise.


“It appears this item is showing up as stolen,” Panthers Team Shop clerk Justin Robles told a customer.

“You bet it is, we don’t want this shit anymore,” the customer replied. “I’m not getting caught in one of these. Might as well rock a Browns jerseys, we only have one more win than friggin Cleveland does. Let that sink in.”

Charlotteans and other store workers we spoke too also noted the significant amount of Minnesota Vikings jerseys being spotted out and about in the city.