Josh Norman Plans To Drink Beer On The Field In Protest Of Celebration Penalties


The NFL’s celebration and taunting penalties have in-arguably gotten out of hand. From flagging players for flexing in the direction of opposing players to shooting a football like a basketball after a score, it seems if as you breathe following a play, you may get slapped with 15 yards and a fine.

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman found out about Roger Goodell’s hard-on for the new emphasis rules the hard way when he was flagged and fined by the NFL for shooting a bow and arrow on the field.

According to USA Today, Norman plans to protest the NFL’s absurd celebration penalties by drinking on the field.

“I’ll say this,” Norman said Thursday to USA TODAY’s Charlotte Wilder. “Since they sell beer on TV while kids are watching it, I’m thinking I might open a keg on the field, and I’m going to drink it on the field. And I don’t see that being on the rule book.”

“If they don’t, I’ll explain it afterwards,” Norman said (or before, as it turns out). “I was kind of like, if they’re doing that, then why can’t my celebration be legal? I mean, you’re selling ads on TV, so why can’t my celebration be legal? It’s a catch-22, man. These guys are serious.”

Roger Goodell and the NFL says they have focused on trying to limit the celebrations and taunting by its players because they want them to represent role models for children. Yet, the league hypocritically floods it’s viewers at home and in their stadiums with commercials, sponsor messages, and other advertisments promoting beer and other alcoholic beverages with those same kids watching. The philosophy is head-scratching considering the NFL still employees a “role model” who recently admitted to beating his wife over twenty times.

Washington faces off against Detroit this Sunday, where with the Skins playing the Lions, there’s a decent chance Norman will have something to celebrate about.