A Ticket For Jets Game On Monday Night Football Costs Less Than A Beer At The Stadium


With the Jets’ hope of the playoffs long gone and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show on the same night, there’s no surprise the ticket prices for the Jets vs Colts game on Monday night were low. You may not believe how low.

With a loss tonight making it 4-game straight for the Jets, ESPN.com’s Rich Cimini reported on Sunday night that tickets for Monday night’s Jets-Colts game are going for as low as $5, with the option to sit field level for an unheard of $20.



Yep, a beer at the stadium will cost you less than it costed you to get inside and watch a 3 hour football game. The prices are the lowest since the Jets moved to MetLife Stadium in 2010 and though in the biggest market, the lowest for a Monday Night Football game this year.

The Jets have the 8th lowest attendance in the NFL this year, with an average 94.7 percent attendance.