After Cowboys Cut Lucky Whitehead For Shoplifting Arrest, Cops Say They Had The Wrong Guy

Saying Lucky Whitehead has had an unlucky week is quite the understatement.

Days after the Cowboys wide receiver had his dog kidnapped and held for $20k ransom, it was reported that a warrant was issued for his arrest for shoplifting on June 22 in Virginia.

Despite Whitehead and his agent Dave Rich adamantly denying that his client was even in that state of Virginia at the time of the crime, the Cowboys cut him the same day.

Less than 24 hours later, it’s now being reported by Prince William County PD that via a case of mistaken identity, Whitehead was in fact not the man caught shoplifting.

The case against Whitehead and all charges have been dropped, yet Lucky (Unlucky may be more appropriate at this point) is now out of his job.

The team says they do not intend to bring Whitehead back despite his name being cleared, probably not bring Whitehead back because he’s NOT a criminal.