Saints Fan Trolls Waitress With 28-3 Joke On Bill At Atlanta Restaurant

A new season can’t get here soon enough for Falcons fans.

After putting up with an offseason being barraged by 28-3 jokes, fans are squeezing out just a few more before the new season kicks off and the Falcons likely start winning again.

After dining at an Atlanta restaurant on Tuesday, Mason Ginsberg, a writer at the New Orleans Saints blog Bourbon Street Shots and a die hard Saints fan, left a not so accidentally specific tip on his bill to remind his waitress of the infamous 28-3 score before the Falcons blew their lead in the Super Bowl.

Ginsberg hasn’t been the only Saints fan to take shots at the rival Falcons, with New Orleans T-shirt company Dirty Coast announcing it was raising funds to put up a billboard in Atlanta displaying displaying the 28-3 score.

While yes, the Saints did get swept by the Falcons last season, finishing with a far worse record of 7-9, New Orleans does have the Lombardi Trophy than the Falcons have been longing for.

(The Score)