Kevin Sumlin’s Wife Posts Disturbing And Racist Letter Sent To Family’s House

This is gross and inhuman but not surprising.

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is having a rough week and doesn’t have many fans in College Station, Texas after his team blew a 44-10 lead in it’s season opener and lost to UCLA 45-44.

While most fans did the usual and demand that Sumlin be terminated immediately, one so-called fan took things to a complete different level.

The fan or fan(s) decided to contact the family by letter mail and what was written to Sumlin and his family was disgusting, disturbing and straight up racist.

Sumlin’s wife Charlene took to Twitter to share the incredibly racist and threatening letter:

Here’s what the letter said:

You suck as a coach!

You’re a n***er and can’t win!

Please get lost! Or else

Not only is the person insanely racist, but a coward as well as they sent the letter anonymously.

The prototypical internet tough guy who can’t back of their words by putting a name or face to how they really feel.