NFL May Fine Tyreek Hill ForPeace Sign During TD Catch, Say He Should’ve Been Flagged

During a 75-yard touchdown catch Thursday night, WR Tyreek Hill flashed a peace sign en route to the end zone during the Chiefs blowout win vs the Patriots, providing for the most memorable moment of the game.

— Eric Galko (@OptimumScouting) September 8, 2017


What was suppose to be a celebration party in Foxboro that included clowning Roger Goodell and beating down the Kansas City Chiefs has turned into an actual competitive opening night game.

It’s now being reported that Hill be be fined by the NFL for such gesture. According to ProFootballTalk, the sources say the league believes Hill should have been flagged for taunting on the play.

The league office may fine Hill next week for chuckin’ up the deuces, looking to set a line on the newly relaxed celebration guidelines.

Perhaps Hill should have flipped the bird and got his money’s worth.