San Diego Restaurant Giving Away Free Tacos When The LA Chargers Lose

Restaurants offering promotions when a team wins is not uncommon. Giving away free food when they lose, isn’t something you see regularly.

The Chargers picked up and left San Diego earlier this year for the greener pastures of Los Angeles, and of all the ways their die-hard fans down the coast have done to show their displeasure in the decision, this is by far the pettiest – and it’s amazing.

According to ABC 10 in San Diego, the owner of El Pollo Grill has implemented a promotion for a free taco the day after the LA Charger lose. (That’s a lot of tacos)


“My main purpose is so the Chargers hopefully lose,” Victor Lopez said. “They lose 16 games that means 16 times that you can come get a free taco — it’s OK with me.”

Diners order the free taco, which is normally $2.99, by asking for the Spanos Taco, named after the not hated owner of the team.