After Just Two Games, The NFL Is Considering Moving The Chargers Back To San Diego

The LA Chargers played their first home game in Los Angeles in over six decades Sunday, and couldn’t even sell out the 27,000 seat Stub Hub Stadium, which was taken over by Miami Dolphins fans.

Stadium pyrotechnic crews even accidentally set off celebratory explosions following the Chargers missing a potential game-winning kick as time expired, thinking LA had won. Turns out it the cheering they heard was not from Chargers fans, but rather Dolphins fans.

With a less then excited welcoming to their new home, the NFL is already reportedly considering a move back to San Diego for the Chargers.

Longtime NFL and Sports Illustrated reporter Don Banks, who currently writes for The Athletic, told a San Diego radio station Thursday that the league never wanted to give up San Diego as a market, and could force Chargers owner Dean Spanos to take the team back.

“There are people in the league — including the commissioner — they did not want to see San Diego forsaken,” said Banks. “They would rather there be a team in San Diego. If there’s anything viable that they could find to put the league back in to San Diego, I think they will be in that camp strongly.”

The move back to Los Angeles has not gone as well as expected for the NFL thus far, with the Rams also struggling to sell tickets for home games.

(Sporting News)


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