Steelers Announce They Won’t Participate In National Anthem Today, Will Stay In Locker Room

As expected, many displays of protest of the National Anthem are set to occur around the NFL today following President Trump’s controversial comments during a campaign rally in Alabama Friday.

Ahead of their game today against the Chicago Bears, the Pittsburgh Steelers will not kneel, nor lock arms in unity like other teams, but have decided to not even participate in the Anthem pregame, choosing to stay in the locker room.

Here are head coach Mike Tomlin’s comments on the team’s decision.


Contrary to popular belief, NFL players taking part in on-field National Anthem ceremonies is a relatively new concept, with teams formerly staying in their respective locker rooms. The NFL had players come out on the field when paid-patriotism was installed around 2009, with the military shelling out millions for the NFL to push such before and during games.

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