Donald Trump Says NFL Owners Are Afraid Of Their Own Players

Instead of worrying about the carnage in Puerto Rico, President Trump has continued his attack of NFL players and owners over the protesting of the National Anthem due to social and racial injustices in the Untied States.

On Thursday, he took to the show Fox and Friends to insinuate that team owners, who he claims are his friends, are afraid of their players, a move that seems like an attempt to pressure owners into a disciplinary response of it’s players when they exercise their freedom.

Here’s the clip:


These comments, like many of Trump’s outlandish remarks raised many eyebrows on social media and let to outspoken personalities to respond:

This is a clear attempt by someone who’s suppose to protect and serve the country to divide the country even more than it already is.

First, Trump called NFL players who protest the National Anthem for racial and social injustices in America, sons of b-tches. Now, Trump is doing everything in his power to divide the owners from it’s players even more.

It’s clear, this outlandish behavior has become the new norm of U.S. politics.

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