Latest Madden Glitch Causes Chargers Fans To Appear In The Stands At Home Games In LA

With every Madden release comes glitches, both annoying and funny. It adds to the spirit of the game, whether it be players being flung 20 feet into the air, balls being intercepted by invisible defenders, or even players appearing to have sex mid game.

But nothing tops the latest Madden 18 glitch, which makes fans appear in the stands of Stub Hub Stadium during Chargers home games. Even more bizarre, the fan are actually Chargers fans instead of opposing fans.

“I returned mine to be honest,” one disgruntled customer said. “There were no boos when the Chargers came out on the field, and the whole stadium cheered when the Chargers scored. ‘Our most realistic game ever’, my ass.”


Someone at EA Sports has some explaining to do.

(Hat tip, Ricardo Kincanek)

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