Emmitt Smith: “Why Is Cam Newton Held To A Higher Standard Than President Donald Trump?

The two biggest news stories of the week were the actions and comments made by President Donald Trump and Cam Newton.

Trump first made headlines after seemingly mockingly shooting rolls of paper towels into a crowd of Puerto Rican residents during his visit post Hurricane Maria. The President also went on record during a press conference telling the people of the devastated U.S. territory that the relief efforts will screw up the nation’s budget.

Days later, Cam Newton came under fire when he made comments directed at a reporter during a press conference of his own that were taken as sexist. Newton was condemned by countless fans as well as his team, the NFL and his sponsors, with Dannon even dropping him.


Hall of Fame running back and Dallas Cowboy great Emmitt Smith recently sat down with Sports Illustrated, discussing the Newton situation and the fire storm that ensued, wondering why Cam was perhaps behind held to a higher standard then the Commander in Chief.

“It’s amazing we expect so much from our athletes but don’t expect the same from our president and chief,” Smith said. “These are mistakes, these are things that he may have thought was funny and someone took offense to it. Sensitivity levels are so high, for what reasons I don’t know.”

“He’s stepped up; he’s giving a sincere apology,” Smith said. “From this point forward for the female reporter and the females around the world receive his apology for what it is and give him a chance to get on the right path.”

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