Cowboys Fan Sets Himself On Fire After Loss To The Packers Sunday

What do you get when you combine a Florida man and a crushing defeat for the Cowboys? This apparently.

According to the NY Post and Indian River County Sheriff’s Office, Timothy Silyers of Vero Beach Florida was rushed the hospital following Sunday’s Packers-Cowboys game because he set himself ablaze following a bet.

Silyers apparently thought it was a good idea to burn his jersey while still on him.


Briana Hook, the 27-year-old’s wife, told deputies at the hospital that the two had a bet where the loser would burn the losing team’s jersey. Silyers of course lost that bet, and set it on fire while it was still on him after the Cowboys gave up a last second touchdown to the Packers.

“He was set on fire after losing a bet on the Cowboys game … skin was hanging off his arm and back,” one witness told the Sebastian Daily.

Silyer was treated for third-degree burns on his right arm and right hand, as well as second-degree burns to his back.

(NY Post)

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