Colin Kaepernick Was Invited To The NFL’s National Anthem Meeting Today, But Didn’t Show

The NFL held their annual fall meetings Tuesday in New York, and the topic on how the NFL will go about the topic of debate this season, protests during the National Anthem. The NFL invited thirteen players from various teams, including former 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, the man who began the whole conversation.

The hope was for the NFL to reportedly work out a plan for the future, whether it be instituting a policy where players must stand for the National Anthem, removing the anthem in entirety from games, or allowing players to do as they please.

Only problem? Kaepernick didn’t show.


Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins told Bob Glauber of Newsday that he was nowhere to be found throughout the almost four hour meeting.

The probable reason for Kaepernick’s now show was the fact that he sued the NFL for collusion just a few days ago, likely advised by lawyers to not attend.

The meeting concluded with no change in the rule that allows players to sit, stand, kneel, or do as they wish during the anthem, with some saying it was the “best the communication has ever been between players & owners.”


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