REPORT: Jalen Ramsey Went Looking For AJ Green In Visitors Locker Room After Ejection

In one of the more shocking things we’ve seen this season, AJ Green got into an epic fight with Jalen Ramsey during Sunday’s Bengals-Jags game in Jacksonville.

Both Green and Ramsey were ejected but replays showed AJ Green taking exception to being pushed by Ramsey and proceed to grab Ramsey by the neck, throwing him down tot he ground and punching him repeatedly.

But that wasn’t the end of it as Ramsey was reportedly searching for Green and had to be removed from the visitors locker room according to an unconfirmed report from Barstool Sports’ Uncle Chaps:


It was also reported after the game that Ramsey was the instigator of the altercation with one unconfirmed report stating that Ramsey took the trash talk personal when provoking Green.

Reports say Ramsey took jabs at Green’s family.

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