Bills QB Tyrod Taylor Believes He’s Being Benched Because He’s Black

It was announced Wednesday that Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor would be benched in favor of backup rookie QB Nathan Peterman for the team’s upcoming game against the Chargers next Sunday.

Taylor threw for a mere 56 yards along with an interception in a loss against the Saints in Week 10.

In an interview with The Buffalo News last month, Taylor noted that he believe his skin color ‘plays a factor in how he is perceived and compared to other quarterbacks’, making him ‘held to a higher standard’ because he’s African-American.


“It’s always going to be twice as bad just because of who I am – an African-American quarterback,” Taylor said.

It was mentioned on ESPN Radio’s The Dan LeBatard Show that Taylor believes  the motive extends to his benching.

Outspoken black activist writer Shaun King voiced a similar opinion, stating that the Taylor was benched was because he was black.

That theory can be quickly debunked.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions as well.

(Bills Wire)

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