Bucs QB Jameis Winston Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Uber Driver

During a time where countless Hollywood celebrities are being accused of sexual misconduct, that accusations have made their way to the NFL.

According to BuzzFeed News, Jameis Winston has undergone investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting an Uber driver in 2016.

The Buccaneers QB reportedly grabbed her by the crotch on March 12 in Scottsdale, Arizona while in a fast food lane. The team was in town for a Kurt Warner’s charity flag football event.


The accuser described the incident in an Uber incident report saying, “While we were stopped, this rider reached over and put his fingers on my crotch, and it was only for a very brief moment.”

Winston, who was accused of sexual assaulting while in college at Florida State University, was later banned from using the car-share service in relation to the incident.

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