Snoop Dogg Blasts Donald Trump Over His Criticism Of Marshawn Lynch & LaVar Ball

Add Snoop Dogg to the [long] list of people who aren’t a fan of President Donald Trump.

The legendary rapper and semi-good actor went on a NSFW language-filled rant about the President tweeting about various athletes and sports figures.

Here’s an exert from the rant:


“LaVar Ball. Good lookin’ out. I wouldn’t have thanked the motherf**ker either.

Let’s suspend your ass motherf**ker,” Snoop said in a response to Trump calling for the NFL to bench Lynch if he doesn’t stand for the national anthem in the future.”

Earlier in the week, Trump tweeted about LaVar Ball and how the Ball family should be thankful for him because he got LiAngelo out of a China prison.

Then, yesterday, Trump tweeted anger towards Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch and his decision to kneel during the playing of the US anthem but stand during the Mexico anthem.

I fully expect the President to tweet about Snoop Dogg in the coming days because that’s what’s important these days.


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