Georgia Dome Imploded With 5,000 Pounds Of Explosives

The Georgia Dome is no longer standing after 25 years.

The former home to the Atlanta Falcons, SEC Championship and Atlanta United was imploded to make room for tailgating and parking areas to accompany the newly completed Mercedes-Benz Stadium.


Per FOX News, nearly 5,000 of explosives blasted the structure into rubble, sending massive plumes of smoke, demolished in just 15 seconds.

A 5-story tall industrial ‘strength curtain’ was placed between the new and old stadiums to protect the Mercedes-Benz Stadium from receiving any damage from the blast. Just 80 feet separates the two.

The Dome carries the legacy of one of the largest domes in architecture history, seating over 40 million guests during its lifetime to attend games such as two Super Bowls and three Final Fours as well as the Olympics.

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