BREAKING: Giants Bench Eli Manning For Geno Smith

Two days after officially being eliminated from playoff contention, the 2-9 New York Giants have benched Eli Manning.

According to reports, Manning was actually given to opportunity to start, keeping his impressive streak of 210 consecutive starts alive, but opted to hand it over to Smith.


Eli spoke on the decision, saying, “Coach McAdoo told me I could continue to start while Geno and Davis are given an opportunity to play. My feeling is that if you are going to play the other guys, play them. Starting just to keep the streak going and knowing you won’t finish the game and have a chance to win it is pointless to me, and it tarnishes the streak. Like I always have, I will be ready to play if and when I am needed. I will help Geno and Davis prepare to play as well as they possibly can.”‬

You can see him here, brought to the brink of tears while speaking to the media.