New Photo From Controversial Steelers-Patriots Game Emerges, Shows Jesse James Did Actually Catch It

Days after the Steelers lost to the Patriots over the most controversial officiating call of the season, fans are still arguing over if the ruling was correct. This will just add fuel to the fire.

James’ attempt to catch the ball was ruled incomplete by officials after though his body was body while having possession along with the ball being over the plane (which would warrant a touchdown), he failed to ‘complete’ the catch all the way to the ground.

The ball seemingly hits the ground as James’ out stretched arms reached for the goal line, but a new image has emerged of a counter angle to the ones that were seen that night in the replay booth as well as after it, with the tight end’s right hand appeared to be underneath the ball at the time it looks to come in contact with the ground from the primary angle.


The replay, explained to prove James didn’t complete the catch, shows the ball seemingly hitting the ground. When cross-referenced with the image above, at the point at which the still was taken, the ball looks to be touching the turf, which can be now disproved by the photo.

(247 Sports)

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