Doctor Says Brady Likely Suffered An Open-Finger Dislocation, Where Bone Sicks Out Of Skin

The Patriots were set to waltz into yet another Super Bowl this Sunday when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars at home in the AFC Championship game.

While those chances are still high, Tom Brady’s injury has Patriots fans worries.

The Patriots quarterback suffered an injury first reported as a jammed finger during practice Wednesday, holding him out of practice Thursday.


Though not participating, Brady was at practice, seen wearing a glove over his throwing hand.

Brady “should be OK,” but one doctors thinks otherwise.

Per NESN, based on the measures taken following the injury along with other information gathered through his medical career, former Los Angeles Chargers team doctor David Chao, believes Brady suffered an “open finger dislocation.” The injury offered when the finger bone becomes separated from a joint and protrudes through the skin from the inside out.

Chao noted that the injury commonly occurs on the pinky or ring finger, wouldn’t wouldn’t affect Brady throwing the ball much, but if it happenes to his thumb, which is suspected, it would heavily impact his ability to throw.

Not exactly the news anyone in New England wants to hear days before the biggest game of the season.

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