Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins Says NFL Coaches Still Believe The Patriots Are Cheating

NFL coaches around the league still believe the New England Patriots are bending the rules and cheating, according to Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins.

In an interview with ESPN, Jenkins spoke about the Super Bowl, and also said that the NFL is still weary of the Patriots:



“I think there are still a lot of coaches out there that don’t trust the Patriots, so sometimes they’ll overthink it and do some fake plays in case anybody’s watching.”

Jenkins isn’t the only one to hint at the Patriots cheating scandals. Eagles long snapper Rick Lavato recently admitted that the team held a fake walk through at U.S. Bank Stadium prior to Super Bowl LII to be cautious:

“I believe our whole walk-through was just a complete fake walk-through, we did it at the stadium. There were certain people walking around. … I believe I overheard someone say a lot of the plays we were running weren’t even in the playbook for the Super Bowl.”

The Patriots reputation was tarnished after the SpyGate scandal that surfaced back in 2007 and it’s clear that many teams including the Eagles are still cautious when preparing to face them in any capacity.

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