President Trump Selling ‘Stand Up For America’ Jerseys With His Name On Back To Combat Kneelers

Eric Reed started for the Carolina Panthers Sunday after being out of the league for a year following his protests of the Nationals Anthem along side Colin Kaepernick. Reed is continuing his mission into this year and Trump is continuing his to put an end to it.

The President has released a line of “Standup for America” branded merchandise on his website, notebalt a football jersey with he the motto on the front and “Trump” on the nameplate. They even come complete with the number 45 across the front, back, and shoulders.

The Republican National Commitee authorized jerseys are in fact made in America and are priced at a cool $99.


The jerseys were first introduced on a day after the NFL season kicked off, also coinciding with Kaepernick debuted as the face of Nike’s ‘Just Do It.’ campaign.

Lara Trump, seriously advisor to the President says the sales have been “brisk,” also chiming in on the motive for the product saying, “Our theme originated out of President Trump’s love for the American flag and his fervent belief that Americans should always stand for our National Anthem.”

(New York Post)