ESPN Needs To Get Rid Of Booger McFarland & His Idiotic Monday Night Football Sideline Crane

ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast received an overhaul for the 2018 season that included completely new broadcasters Joe Tessitore on play-by-play, Jason Witten as the color analyst, and Booger McFarland as an awkward third wheel – and his role is not being well received.

Booger rides in an elevated chair that’s positioned at the line of scrimmage for each snap, giving him a perfect view of the action. He’s transported up and down the sideline following each by a cart equipped with two outreached arms, one for McFarland’s seat and the other for a camera operator.

Set to give fans a new perspective of the game, McFarland is literally giving fans in the stadium a new perspective, forcing patrons who paid hundreds of dollars for front row seats to watch the action in person to instead watch on a television screen attached to the back of the crane.


The inconvenience was once again during the Giants-Falcons Monday night game, with fans literally yelling at McFarland to get out of their way of the game.

The issue has been affecting fans all season during Monday night games.

The blockage for fans at the stadium is the cherry on top to the in-and-out, ill-timed, random blurts of commentary annoying viewers at home.

Back to the drawing board, ESPN.