Buffalo Wild Wings Promises Free Wings To Entire USA If Super Bowl Goes To Overtime

The NFC Championship came down to some controversy when the officiating crew completely missed a pass interference call that would have given the Saints a 98% chance to beat the Rams. Instead, the game went to overtime where Los Angeles ended up topping New Orleans.

Soon after the game, a fan created this video mashup of Buffalo Wild Wings’ signature “Send this game to overtime” commercials and the ending of the game.


Looking to capitalize on  the marketing opportunity, the franchise is promoting an offer to give every fan in America free wings if the Super Bowl LII does indeed also go into overtime.

Though both conference championship games went to overtime, the scarcity of a Super Bowl not being decided in regulation is great. Of the 52 Super Bowls played, only one (Super Bowl LI) went to extra time.

If this year’s big game heads to OT, every fan in the country will be enjoying free snack-sized chicken wings.