NFC Champ. Game Referee Bill Voinovich Got Heckled By Students During St. Mary’s-BYU Game

Bill Vinovich will forever go down as the head referee of the officiating crew that missed the most obvious pass-interefence call in NFL history. A call that ended up costing the New Orleans Saints a shot at Super Bowl 53.

While Vinovich is done calling NFL games until next season, he does, however, call basketball games as well and last weekend, Vinovich was officiating the St. Mary’s-BYU college basketball game  when students recognized him from the NFC Champ. Game and began to heckle him about the missed PI-call:


Vinovich wasn’t the main culprit in the whole ordeal but as the head referee and sort of the face of the officiating crew from the NFC Championship Game, you can expect these type of instances to be a common occurrence in his officiating career.

He can’t run away from this.