Gronk Leaves Massive Dent In Patriots Super Bowl Trophy After Using It As A Baseball Bat

Rob Gronkowski is officially retired, but he may have just had most “classic Gronk” moment yet.

The Patriots tight end called it quits in March after helping his team capture their sixth Lombardi Trophy. He now has almost destroyed it.

Gronk was part of a group of Pats players who were invited to the Boston Red Sox Opening Day ceremonies at Fenway Park on Tuesday, and they brought the Super Bowl trophy with them.

During the festivities, Gronkowski somehow decided it was a good idea to use the $50,000 silver plated Tiffany & Co. trophy as a baseball bat, and squared around to take a bunt from someone throwing a ball.


The trophy now sits with a massive dent on the top, and the Patriots have stated they intend to not repair it, but rather keep it the way it as, a conversation starter of sorts.

I guess when you have five others, a dent doesn’t seem as important as it would for just about any other NFL franchise…