Miami Dolphins Have Been Outscored 102-10 After Just Two Weeks Into 2019 Season

The tank is real.

Though they’ll never formally admit it, the Miami Dolphins have made the decision to trade as many good players as possible in order to well, suck as much as possible to hopefully land themselves with the top pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

Though all Miami does is need to lose to their opponent, they’re getting demolished. Absolutely demolished.

Two weeks into the NFL season with a 59-10 loss to the Ravens and a 43-0 loss to the Patriots, the ‘Phins have been outscored 102-10. 

If they keep this pace, they’ll finish the season having been outscored 816-80. That’s right, they will have scored fewer points all season than their first two opponents scored against them the first two games. 

Perhaps the Dolphins should make the tanking a little less obvious.