Referee Gets Shot In The Face With A Cannon During Football Game

As if we needed this to be confirmed, shooting off cannons in an area with large amounts of people like a football game is probably not the best idea.

One referee found that out the hard way when he was hit in the face after a score during a football game.

The incident occurred at Maine Maritime Academy, where one of the referees walking along the end zone was hit in the face during the school’s homecoming game on Saturday.

The ref was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Of course there was no cannon ball inside or this would have been a much sadder story, but there was a wad placed into the barrel before being shot.

The cannon made its way to the sideline via a Maine Maritime Academy alumnus, who owns the canon.

The school traditionally fires a cannon loaded with a blank shotgun shell after its team scores, but in this case there was a projectile loaded.