Cable Company Offers NFL Fan $2,000 To Support Their Biggest Rival For The Rest Of The Year

Every NFL fan has a rival team that they hate the most but would they hate that team so much if they were offered this?
 wants to give a lucky fan thousands of dollars just to betray their favorite team and sport the colors of their biggest rival.

So, if you’re an Eagles fan, would you root for the Cowboys for the rest of they year? How about you Jets fans, would you start rooting for the Patriots?

Here are the details: will pay you $2,000 to take on the shameful challenge of spending the rest of the football season flying your rival’s colors and bragging about it online. It’s one thing to be a superfan of your home team, but can you keep that same energy up when it’s your sworn enemy?

Not everyone’s cut out to cheer on their nemesis, risk ruining relationships, and post about it on social media, but we’re betting that someone out there can endure the pain of betrayal for some extra cash.

The application closes October 4, 2019, and we’ll pick the winner of our challenge by October 11, 2019. One lucky NFL fan will get paid to watch the rest of the season decked out in their most-hated team’s jersey (along with other fun, totally-not-embarrassing swag). They’ll be going against friends, family, and fandom. Can you handle the insults and disrespect while you rep your rivals?

The winner will post updates on their Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media accounts, so we’d like to see some proven history of you on the internet-forum front lines.

All we require is that you’re at least 18 years old, you’re a US citizen, and you have access to TV and internet service. No drug testing or background check required. All work is remote. Seems easy enough, right?

Any takers?