Nutritionists Say Cam Newton’s Vegan Diet Could Be Causing Bad Play & Slow Recovery

Cam Newton has seemingly morphed into Andrew Luck as of recent years, dealing with one injury after the other, injuries that have clearly hindered the quarterback’s performance.

Newton is out again for Carolina’s Week 4 game this Sunday with a left foot sprain, and if backup Kyle Allen keeps this pace up, he might be out even when he’s back healthy.

The ‘coming back healthy’ part has been a problem for Newton on top of getting injured in the first place, with lingering issues on top of lingering issues. 

While many debate the root cause, nutritionists are saying that Newton’s vegan diet could be a contributing factor is his declined play and inability to recover.   

Newton went vegan earlier this year while recovering from shoulder surgery, and proclaimed he felt “like a rookie again,” entering training camp after doing so. 

Despite such, Newton only lasted two games before getting hurt. 

The Charlotte Observer released a detailed piece on the matter that can be read HERE