Browns Loss Monday Night Was Worse Than Any Loss During The Entire Hue Jackson Era

The new Cleveland Browns looked a lot like the old Cleveland Browns Monday night against the 49ers, getting blown out 31-3.

In fact, it was so bad of a loss, it was actually worse than the old Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland lost Monday by 28 points and was out-gained by 266 yards. By either metric it was worse than any loss in the entire Hue Jackson era, and era that was relentlessly made fun of and slandered.

Reddit user u/raiderjose noticed that through five games this season, Cleveland has had losses by 30 (Monday) and 28 points. Under Hue Jackson the team never lost by more than 25 points. They didn’t win much under Hue, but they mostly avoided blowouts with “only” 3 losses by more than 21 points.

The -266 yardage differential was the worst for Cleveland in nearly a decade, since October 25, 2009.

Monday’s -4 turnover margin also tied the worst games of the Jackson era (-4 happened twice).