Bills Fan Accuses Dolphins’ Bobby McCain Of Spitting In His Face And Threatening His 13-Year Old Son

This is gross.

Miami Dolphins starting safety Bobby McCain is facing “internal discipline” for an altercation with Buffalo Bills fan who accused him of spitting on him after Sunday’s 31-21 loss.

Here’s the details of the altercation, via Buffalo News:

“A Buffalo Bills fan told The Buffalo News that McCain spit on him after Sunday’s game, and fans said he also threatened to spit on a 13-year-old boy who was heckling him from the stands before the game started.
Dylan Wentland, 28, of West Seneca said he heard the boy shout, “You’re irrelevant!” as the Miami players walked through the tunnel to the field for warmups. That’s when McCain, 26, turned around and threatened to spit in the boy’s face, Wentland said.

“He’s the nicest kid in the world. He’s sat behind us for years with his dad. He was just having a good time,” said Wentland, a 15-year season ticket holder. “I go, ‘Dude, what’s wrong with you? What kind of role model are you for the kid?’”

Wentland claims he did not have an interaction with McCain anymore during the game but when the game concluded, McCain came looking for him.


“I haven’t even said a word to him. He runs right up to me and spits in my face and then runs down the tunnel,” Wentland said. “I mean literally wound up, hocked and just spit right in my face while I’m standing there.”
Scott Hammond of Mendon, the father of the 13-year-old boy, backed Wentland’s account.

“McCain walked over and, like, faked spitting on him five or six times,” Hammond said, referring to McCain’s actions toward his son before the game. “He made the noise but nothing came out.”

The fan claims McCain threatened to spit on the boy again while going back through the tunnel after pregame warmups, but another player kept McCain moving.

Other fans also viewed McCain spit on Wentland and gave their statements to deputies.

“It all started with a 13-year-old that told the Dolphins they were irrelevant,” Hammond said. “There are far worse things that get said to players at the tunnel end zone.”

Here’s the video of the altercation: