Adam Gase, Jets Players Rip ESPN For Airing Sam Darnold’s “Seeing Ghosts” Comments During MNF

The Patriots crushed the Jets on Monday Night Football 33-0, and to add insult to injury, quarterback Sam Darnold had the bad fortune of having his personal struggles broadcasted to millions watching on National television.

Darnold came off the field after a failed drive during the second quarter and admitted that he was “seeing ghosts”, which translated to football terms means being so flustered, that you start seeing things when they aren’t there, for instance pass rushers or defenders.

Well, turns out the Jets weren’t too happy that ESPN aired the quote giving insight to how rattled their young quarterback was facing New England.


On one hand, Adam Gase and the team did agree to let the Monday Night Football production crew mic Darnold up against statistically the best defense in NFL history…what could go wrong, right? On the other, according to sources, the quote should have been dumped into the figurative bucket of thing that wouldn’t be aired, and thanks to a representative giving the ‘ok’ on it, it was used.

Jets RB Le’Veon Bell took to Twitter to express his grievances.

Gase went on record saying that “We’ll be looking into that pretty hard”, alluding to whether or not the team will grant permission to let ESPN Mic up players again for their games.