Fan Uncovers Buccaneers GM Has Burner Account That He Uses To Defend Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston has been a turnover machine since he got to Tampa Bay as one of the most highly touted college quarterbacks ever, but for some reason, the Buccaneers keep sticking with him, and this may explain why.

The burner account has gone from a thing high schoolers use to make fun of their friends to an advanced means of ways to sway the media narrative, and it seems as if Bucs General Manager Jason Licht is the latest public figure in sports to be caught with one.

Joe Praino and Andy Ruther sat down on their show, The Dirty Sports Podcast, this week and detailed how Praino discovered that the man in charge of drafting Jameis has a burner account to try to save face for drafting a bust.


And for more evidence? A reddit user uncovered that both Licht’s personal Twitter account and the @Jameis1of1 account are registered to the same phone number, that phone number of Jason Licht.