Cris Collinsworth Apologizes For Making Awkward Comment About Dak Prescott’s Deceased Mother

Cris Collinsworth regrets he ever brought up Dak Prescott’s deceased mother during the broadcast of tonight’s Sunday Night Football game between the Vikings and Cowboys.

Collinsworth was discussing Dak’s contract situation with Al Michaels and complimenting Dak’s demeanor and the way he presents himself.

He also talked about how Dak just bought a house for his mother. Unfortunately, Dak’s mother died in 2013:

Prescott’s mother died of colon cancer in November 2013 when Dak was in college at Mississippi State and he wouldn’t be drafted by the Cowboys until 2016.


During the third quarter, Collinsworth corrected his error and said that Prescott was close with his mom and wanted to buy her a house.